Hoops are back, and better than ever


Morning, and happy Halloween! I’ve teamed up with local jewelry designer Astor + Orion and to show off a beautiful piece of her collection…these modern dreamcatcher hoops. The fact that they’re made of recycled metal is a bonus! (Yay sustainable fashion!)

It’s the details like this that make me love fashion and blogging even more. Feeling a good connection with a brand is HUGE for me, and I only work with people I truly feel good about…and products I truly adore. Teaming up with other moms makes me happy as well, so there’s that.

I’ve added a link and discount for you all!! Happy shopping!! XOXO

Dreamcatcher hoop earrings (Use code: LOVE-A+O-10) for a 10% discount!!


3 puffers from Aritzia I'm loving


Now that I’m living back in the PNW, good coats are on the top of my mind. Aritzia has a TON of warm and fun puffers and I’ve linked my 3 favorites…the black for the classics out there, the silver for the bold, and the yellow for those who prefer a pop of color. Gotta stay warm out there this winter, and though these are a bit of a splurge, they’re classic and will last for YEARS! Stay warm out there friends!

Black coat