The balance between dressy + casual


I have this ongoing need to find the perfect balance between dressy and casual.  I never feel quite right when I'm too frumpy or casual.  Yet I also am always aware of not being too dressed up or appearing that I am trying too hard.  Hence, the never ending search for the perfect balance between the two.  I feel like this outfit is a good compromise.  A casual military jacket added to cool skinny leather pants, and a surprising pop of color and a dressy feel with the blue heels.  I knew once I owned these heels, I would have to invent reasons to wear them.  If I were to wait until I only had a fancy occasion, they would sit in my closet and gather dust for years.  Why not enjoy the few fancy pieces we do own by integrating them into our more casual outfits?  That's my two cents anyway.  Hope you like the idea of balancing the two ideas as well! 

Military jackets:

Leather skinnies:

Blue heels: