Throw out the old rules


Once upon a time, things were supposed to match and sort of "go" together.  We always matched our belts to our shoes and jackets.  If we were wearing brown boots, we wouldn't dare wear a black jacket.  I remember hearing a rule somewhere that you weren't to mix black and brown. Or black and blue.  I threw those rules out years ago and said to heck with it.  I feel like the modern, fashionable woman wears whatever she wants!  Whatever feels good to her. It all goes together if you just have confidence.  Here, I purposefully wore my green military jacket with a pop of pink on my feet.  Why you ask?  Because I like it.  It's different.  It's cool. It says, I'm not playing by some silly set of rules I learned back when I was a kid.  It's liberating.  If something seems right to you, do it.  People will notice your new found confidence and applaud you for it.  So go. Grab that outfit that YOU really want to wear.  Whether you think it "goes" or not.  Whether you think you can pull it off or not.   Stop questioning and just go with your inner instincts.  It will make you happy, trust me.  At least for a day.  So rock your green and pink, or whatever odd combination pops into your head.