My favorite rules for holiday decor


Now that the holidays are upon us, it's time to begin my favorite thing...setting up our Christmas/holiday decor!  I generally try to stick by the same rules I do when picking my wardrobe....simple, elegant, and finding that perfect balance of dressy and casual.  I started with the tree.  A mixture of large a small clear bulbs.  White flowers and sparkly ornaments for my daughter to enjoy, but balancing it by adding the rustic burlap.  A simple tree skirt and matching stockings add to the decor without being too much of an eye sore or distraction.  I added the glitter letters to our stockings for just a touch of color and shimmer and of course so we know which one each belongs to.  A fresh wreath on the mirror is a new addition this year.  I had no idea you could find one at Home Depot for a mere $5.99! That will definitely become a new tradition as the artificial ones never satisfied my need for elegance.  They just don't compare.  Don't forget as you trim your tree to save the scraps and add them to a mason jar.  Place them around the house for an easy festive look.  It will smell amazing as well. I threw in a few clear and white marbles to the bottom of the jar just to add a little something to it.   I love decorating for the holidays.  I put a lot of time and thought into how I decorate and I hope it's well worth it.  I hope you all are enjoying the holidays thus far, and enjoy some of these tips while decorating your home.   


Tree skirt:

Glitter ornaments:

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