Makeup Q & A with Leah

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This weekend I got the opportunity to meet with my friend Leah McGuirk.  We sat down to get real and talk about makeup tricks and brands that she loves.  I haven't known Leah a long time, but from the minute I met her, I knew she had an eye for beauty and fashion that was different from most women.  And I mean that in the best possible way.  Her makeup is always a look of perfection, and I knew there had to be a story behind her flawless face.  She grew up with a sister in the beauty industry who brought home high end products for her to test out and play with at a young age.  She went on to work at Sephora for 8 years, so she knows her stuff.  We sat down to do a little Q & A about her favorite brands and tricks.

What is your favorite foundation?

Hourglass veil fluid makeup.  Though the price seems steep, she says she manages to make it last for about 5 months by only applying it to areas that need a little coverage.

If you only had time for 3 items, what would you choose?

Foundation, mascara, and a bright lip!

Eyeliner or shadow?

Eyeliner.  She swears by this eye pencil by Kat Von D.  It has a very THIN tip as to ensure light simple application so that you don't have a harsh, thick line on your lid.

Another Leah favorite is this buxom hold the line eyeliner.  It comes in several colors to help make your eyes pop.

What do you put on your brows?

She prefers the smashbox brow tech in soft brown.  Here is a great option:

What is your favorite brand for mascara?

Better than sex mascara, by Too Faced.

Bronzer or blush?

Blush.  Leah recommends something like this cream blush,  Or another great blush option is this Tarte cheek stain.

I know this is a lot of information, but I hope it helps you in your search for that perfect makeup that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!  And remember, if you go on the Sephora website and feel overwhelmed regarding application of a new product, they now have handy videos that show you exactly how to apply the product! So it's a win-win!  Thanks again Leah, for sharing some of your knowledge with us.  I feel like in the makeup world, we are always learning! Have a great week!

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