This time of year is always so much fun.  The dinners, school functions, and holiday parties with friends and family.  For those of you excited about the affairs, but not so excited about your is my biggest piece of advice.  Don't go out and buy something new.  Just look through your closet to create a monochromatic look.  It looks chic every time.  If you stick with the same color palette, (think blacks, greys, winter whites,) you will always look classically chic. Try a bodysuit or leotard under a sleek pair of skinny jeans.  Yes I'm serious.  (A post strictly devoted to the return of bodysuits coming soon!) A classic pair of pants with a clean shirt can also go far because it will look streamlined and put together.  Add a simple leather jacket and a heel.  Pull your hair into a low clean bun and add a bright red lip.  You will look festive yet chic and effortless.  You can go no wrong if you stay in the same color family.  It's also hard to tell if a piece is expensive/inexpensive this way.  Remember, you can always dress up your look with jewelry, a tailored coat, a scarf, and a bold lip.  Did I say chic enough yet? Monochromatic=chic, chic, chic. Okay, one more time...chic!