Mixing polishes


For years, I've been hunting for the perfect polish.  That pale, pale pink that is almost white, but not quite.  A few months ago I discovered Orly's "Kiss the bride" color and have been loving it.  Recently though, I had an amazing discovery....what if I mixed white and pink to form the perfect barely there pink? Genius! I can't really believe I hadn't thought of this before! I went to get a manicure a few weeks ago and grabbed my two favorite colors: Alpine snow, and kiss the bride.  I told the woman I couldn't decide which one I wanted and she and I looked at each other and said...ding ding ding...let's try them both!  So now I have that perfect color I've always envisioned.  Gotta think outside the box, people. Clearly, I need to do it more often!  If you try this at home, paint two coats of white polish, and then let them dry.  Next, top it with one coat of kiss the bride, and voila! The perfect shade.  I hope this ridiculous discovery of mine has been useful to you! Happy December!

White polish:


Pale pink: