Heading out for a dinner party? Coffee? Last minute shopping?  I like to make it simple when getting ready.  One of my favorite outfits that always looks great is a simple tee, ankle length jeans, and heels.  It's so easy but looks put together.  With all of the things going on this time of year, it's a quick outfit to just grab as most of us already have it in the closet.  Don't have a simple tee? Grab one from your hubby/significant other and tuck it in slightly for a loose, "I just threw this on" vibe.  A clean, classic pair of jeans and heels will make it feel pulled together.  Grab a cute scarf and/or leather jacket and you're good to go! Don't forget some simple stud earrings and lipstick! Enjoy this last week before Christmas, y'all!



High rise jeans:


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