Adding texture


Anyone who has been to our home knows how much I love not only good lighting and lamps, but also great texture that adds an element of coziness to our home.  The kids have had little stools next to our coffee table for years.  They eat snacks there, color, play with play dough, you name it.  Once we saw these at target though, we knew it was time to upgrade.  They are so cozy and adorable! We have one on each end of the table for the kids to use.  I love that target now carries things like this! Who ever it was that designed these must have had me in mind! I bought these for the kids as part of their Christmas present.  I love that they were just as excited as I was when they saw them.  They make our house cozy and inviting which I adore.  Now if I can just keep them clean....won't that be a challenge!

Anna DunbarTargetComment