Bright Lips


About a year ago, I decided I wanted to try something different in the makeup world.  Lipstick.  Full on, bright, colorful lipstick.  I've only ever worn neutrals since my teen years so this was all very foreign to me.  I purchased a bright pink lipstick and quickly embraced it and have enjoyed wearing lipstick ever since.  A brand that I love and that has an amazing price point is called Nyx.  Nyx matte lipstick is awesome, is only about 6 bucks, and lasts ALL day. I have 4 colors so far, but my ultimate favorite is called shocking pink. Every time I wear it, someone asks me who makes it and what the color is called.  So I guess I'm not the only one feeling adventurous these days???  I'm happy I decided to partake in this wonderful world of color!

Anna Dunbar1 Comment