10th Anniversary photo shoot


In anticipation of our 10 year anniversary in October, Tim and I decided to set up a photo shoot this past weekend to honor our years together.  We decided to step way out of our comfort zone.  To leave the kids at home for this one.  To take a minute and put ourselves in front of the camera for a change, if only for an hour.  And boy, am I glad we did.  We will treasure these photos for many years to come.  In a way we treasure our wedding photos.  In fact, almost more than our wedding photos, if that's possible.  I feel like these pictures represent the years we've spent together.  The good times and bad.  The years we've spent across the country from our family, really relying on one another and creating a home for each other.  Diving into parenthood and finding our way together.  Finding a rhythm for our family that only a husband and wife can create.  We love each other even more now than ever, (well, I'm speaking for myself here, haha).  I highly recommend that you too step away from what's comfortable to do something wonderful as a couple.  These were a few of our favorite pictures from the shoot.  I can't thank our photographer enough! Thank you to Melody Serrano of Snooky Smiles photography for capturing these pictures for us.  We will cherish them forever.