All about the lighting


I've always been a big fan of good lighting.   Whether it's a cute lamp, or a new light fixture, I think it makes all the difference when decorating a room.  You can have a beautifully decorated room, but if it has a boring lamp, it just doesn't seem quite right.  Over the years I have really started to enjoy interior design, and it's fun to find great lights to make our house warm and cozy.  As we head into fall and winter, lighting becomes even more important, as I feel it helps you to get through the darker days.  These are my three favorite things: This vintage inspired chandelier over our kitchen table,  a tiny and sweet table top lamp I found at a second hand shop, and this light fixture and ceiling medallion we have hanging in the hall.  I think they make our house feel a little bit more put together, which is always a good thing among the mess and chaos that living with two kids can bring.

Anna DunbarComment