Distressing your denim


Distressed denim is everywhere right now.  I love it because it just adds a little something to your boring old jeans.  I decided I wasn't going to buy a new pair, but rather distress my old denim pairs to get the same affect.  The trick is to cut the hole kind of small as it will get bigger the more you wear and wash your jeans.  Now when I say cut a "hole," I mean a small slit straight across.  Also, if you go for a hole on both legs, make one a little higher than the other so the holes look more natural.  I've also started to see many designer jeans with a raw hem, so on my black pair I also cut off the bottom to give it the same feel.  I actually really like the raw edge at the bottom, it looks really cute with heels or flats.  You may have to clean up the stringy pieces at the bottom from time to time.  So, if you're feeling as adventurous as I was, and you have an old pair of jeans you don't care too much about, grab the scissors, (preferably a sewing pair) and give it a try.  It's actually pretty fun! You can't really mess this one up.

Anna DunbarComment