Let's talk hair


I can not live without these 3 things: dry shampoo, my reverse rod curling wand, and the famous moroccan oil. Dry shampoo is more of a recent discovery for me, and sometimes I use it even on the days I HAVE washed my hair. It gives lift, texture, and just helps your hair hold curl. Next, my reverse rod curling wand. There are many expensive, fancy versions out there, but I find mine from target works just fine. It does take a bit to get used to a wand as opposed to a curling iron. You have to wrap each section of hair around it as there is not a clamp that holds the hair for you. Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it too. Lastly, moroccan oil. Now, if you don't have colored, dry hair, you might not need this, but for us who color our hair, this stuff is miracle oil. I just add one pump, (after I get out of the shower) to the bottom half of my hair and work it through. Once it's dry, its amazingly soft. Oh, and one last tid bit...it acts as a heat protectant for those of you using your curling wands. And that's it!

Anna DunbarComment