Happy Monday!  I decided to beat the cold Monday blues by grabbing my favorite jeans and high tops, along with my new earrings and perfume to brighten up my day!  Two of my sweet friends gave me the earrings and perfume as a Christmas gift and I am so very grateful!  Little things like fun earrings and perfume make me feel like a woman and not just a messy, stinky mom!  The struggle is real. I haven't worn perfume in years.  Just another one of those things I gave up after having babies.  Now that they're getting older, I can divulge a little bit and enjoy the small things that make me feel special.  Do something for yourself today so that you may also feel special.  It could be as simple as wearing your favorite jeans or putting on a tiny dab of perfume.  These are the things that keep me going and remind me that I do deserve it! Have a great week! 

Anna DunbarComment