Throw it around your waist


I am a big fan of adding textures, colors and something unexpected to an outfit to spice it up.  My latest trick?  Adding a shirt tied around your waist.  I remember doing it back in the day but it was merely because I no longer wanted to carry my sweatshirt at school.  Now I am returning to a simple childhood trend but using it to add interest and dimension.  We all have a simple denim or checked long sleeved shirt, right?  Add it to a LBD or a basic tee and leather pants to add color and texture.  It's that simple.  I once wore one tied around my waist over a lace dress just to dress it down a bit.  Some people may have questioned it but I had every intention of leaving it there purposefully.  Give it a try!  You don't even need to go shopping...just take a peek in your closet.

Anna DunbarComment