Mae's 6th birthday!


I can't believe our Mae is turning 6!  It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant and waiting for her arrival.  We had no idea what to expect and boy did she surprise us!  From the the minute I held her I knew my heart had changed and could never be the same.  I always describe it to people as though it grew and grew bursting out of the little box just as the grinches heart did that Christmas day.  Not that I was a grinch before but you get the comparison! I am so proud of the girl she has become.  She astounds me every day with her gentle heart, compassion, and love for those around her.  She really is one of my soulmates and I feel like she was made just for me.  I am meant to be HER mom.  I wouldn't want a girl who was any different!  So happy birthday, love bug.  We are so proud of the girl you are becoming!!  

Anna DunbarComment