My q-tip mascara trick


I was finishing off applying my mascara this morning when it occurred to me that maybe I should share this little trick with you all.  Maybe some of you have thought to do it, but if not, it's worth a try.  I always curl my lashes BEFORE I apply mascara, but sometimes after I put it on, I still want a tiny bit more of a curl to my lashes.  We all know though that if you try to curl your lashes after you've applied mascara, it gets stuck on your eyelash curler and creates all kinds of problems.  So this is the trick I've been doing for years.  After you curl your lashes and apply mascara do this:  cut off one fluffy side of your q-tip.  (If you try it with the fluffy end attached you'll get fuzzies in your eyes and no one wants that) Next, simply hold the q-tip horizontally and gently push your lashes up. Do this while your mascara is still wet so your lashes hold the curl more.  Hold q-tip there for a few seconds while you're gently pushing your lashes up and out.  Then, voila! Done! Your lashes will have extra volume and curl to them.  Works every time for me.  Just took me a few years to realize I needed to cut of the fuzzy end so I wouldn't get any cotton in my eye or lash.  Hope it works for you all too!

Anna DunbarComment