This is me...


So this is me today.  Not fancy or dressed up.  Just outside playing with my kids, friends and neighbors.  I do love fashion and blogging, but I'm not always dressed up.  My body isn't exactly where I want it to be yet.  It's a work in progress.  I am a work in progress.  I am just a regular woman and mom who is trying to make her way in the fashion blogging world.  You know what though?  I've found that even on the days where I haven't washed my hair and I'm in workout shorts, I can still feel beautiful.  Little things help me to feel special and help me remember that I deserve to feel that way.  Today, that little thing was this pearl ear cuff.  I love it and yes, I will wear it with a tee and shorts.  I don't care if it "goes" with my outfit or not.  It is ME.  It represents so much more, and I think that's why I have come to love fashion more now than ever.  It reminds me that I am worth it.  It's an outlet for my creativity and my personality.  I hope that it inspires others to remember that they're worth it too!!  So grab that little extra today, even if you're feeling tired or run down.  It really will help you to feel better, and after all, you deserve it!!!

Similar ear cuff from baublebar

Tee by Wildfox

Ugg leather high tops

Photography by Tiffany Redmon