Winterize your favorite dress


Just because the temperature is dropping, it doesn't mean you have to give up wearing your favorite dress.  This season is all about the layers.  I think layers make an outfit more interesting anyway, so I love this time of year.  Add a leather jacket, a cozy scarf, tights, and some fun booties or sneakers to make your favorite dress weather appropriate!  I've had tights on repeat lately because for some reason I feel more beautiful in them.  It's weird how certain things just make you feel pretty.  The tights and contour set are definitely helping my mood this week!  By the way...I am on day 4 of contouring my face, and I am quickly becoming a believer!  I highly recommend giving it a try this holiday season!! 

Thanks again to Tiffany Redmon photography for helping get some great pics this week!  We had so much fun backing into trees, stepping into holes, and throwing leaves to get that perfect shot! 

Topshop silver dress

Black tights (gotta love that control top!!)

Black studded boots

More affordable cute boot option