5 things you may not know about me...


1.  I have a really simple and immature sense of humor.  (Thanks, Dad!) I feel like people either get it or they don't, and if they do, we have a LOT of fun together!  I always thought I'd outgrow it, but alas, I have not.  Some things never change...

2.  Sometimes I miss Seattle so much, it hurts.  I miss the people singing on the street.  The pink and blue hair, (before that was actually IN style), the sea of fresh flowers at Pike Place Market, watching the ferries come and go, and the space needle!  The night we graduated from high school, our entire class spent most of it celebrating on top of the space needle.  We had rented the entire floor out for the night.  It was magical.  Tim and I also ate dinner there the night we got engaged, so it holds a very special place in my heart.  

3.  I sometimes pretend my house is a french cottage and decorate as though it is one.  Chalk paint, white flowers, chandeliers, topiaries and boxwood are my favorite things of all time!

4.  My current obsessions are a full brow, my smashbox contour set, and mastering the perfect cat eye.

5.  I HATE having my picture taken.  I knew that if I ever wanted to make my blog a success, this would be a huge hurdle for me.  I'm still working on it...

Off the shoulder sweater

Leather shorts

Metallic converse

Opi polish in my vampire is buff