Accessories for the win


It's that time of year again.  Many fun things are on the calendar...parties, school functions, and in my case, lots of family birthdays to celebrate, (ahem, thanks a lot Dunbar side!)  I don't generally go out and buy a holiday dress, unless it's majorly on sale.  Let's face it, it's not in the budget.  It's not usually my style either.  Let's get creative for a second...

Grab that simple black/white dress or even just your favorite top and jeans.  This is where the fun comes in.  Make it interesting by adding accessories.  You don't have to spend much to change up your look.  My #1 go to:  lipstick.  I just ordered 2 new shades, (metal matte lipstick from Gerard cosmetics)  Seriously!!  Just adding a fun lipstick can change your look and make you feel more glamorous.  I guarantee people will remember your lipstick more than your outfit. 

If lipstick isn't your thing, go for a fun and unique accessory like an ear cuff, head chain/ hand chain, or stacked rings or necklaces.  It can still be dainty and elegant if the big, bold style isn't for you.  Maybe add a hat.  Fun heels or metallic sneakers.  Leave the tired boots at home, and try something adventurous and different.  Another one of my favorite combos is to wear my favorite skinny jeans under a dress.  It'll keep you warmer and the added layer will add some interest.  It will make all the difference. 

I hope this gave you at least 1 idea for dressing for the holidays!  As always, thanks for reading!!! -xo

Side note:  Gerard cosmetics metal matte lipstick review coming soon...(thanks for the tip, N!)