3 ways to style your black leggings


I have found that when I blog about leggings, I get a lot of good feedback, so I thought I'd do another post for you all.  I styled my leather leggings 3 ways today.  They don't have to be leather leggings, cotton will do, I just don't have any long cotton leggings at the moment.  I know black seems boring, but TRUST ME, they are the most flattering if you're going to attempt to pull off a legging as a pant for an entire day! 

1.  Grab an oversized tee, your leggings, a cute pair of flats, (these flats are currently 40% off!!) and a cozy scarf

2.  Try adding a bomber jacket and a cute pair of Nike's.

3.  Grab a camo jacket and a classic high top.

Don't forget to finish off with a great pair of black sunnies and some lipstick!  I hope these three ideas help you when styling your leggings this week!