Christmas greens


There is just something about fresh Christmas greens.  The smell, the look, it just seems magical and a little bit vintage.  I went for ALL fresh decor this year, and I love it so much!  It's so pretty and I love the added greenery all over the house.  I sort of wish I could keep it up all year.  Add the boxwood wreath and vintage tinsel on the tree and it definitely feels like a vintage Christmas.  I think watching Little Women and The bishops wife all those years growing up really stuck with me, because I love the classic look of an old fashioned Christmas. 

I highly recommend ditching the imitation garland and going for real this year.  You can get a pretty long piece for a very reasonable price! (I bought 20 feet at Lowe's for $15) I love the way it hangs from the banister in a way that artificial garland just can't.  It's somehow more whimsical and pretty.

Oh, and here is a favorite holiday drink of mine.  It's so refreshing, festive and easy!  Just mix equal parts prosecco and cranberry juice, and use frozen raspberries instead of ice cubes.  So pretty and delicious!

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