Though I've mentioned most of these beauty products before, I wanted to take a second to explain how I put them on in the morning.  First I start with bronzer.  I obviously put some on my cheeks, but also do the top of my forehead, sweeping it up almost into the hair line) the bridge of my nose, and a bit on my chin.  When applying think about where the sun naturally hits your face and where you look tan in the middle of summer.  Sounds obvious but sometimes we forget just where to put it.  Next, I put just a tiny bit of blush right on the apples of my cheeks.  At this point you may feel like a clown or like it's too heavy handed, but just wait.  Once you sweep on your highlighter it magically blends them in perfectly and gives you that perfect glow.  I also think the highlight holds it all together and kind of sets it to keep it looking perfect all day.   I find that even by night time it still looks like I just applied everything.  And that's it!  These 3 magic products help give me that dewy, sun kissed look that I like.

Tarte bronzer

Nars blush

Too faced candlelight glow