When to splurge vs. when to save


Ahhh, the never ending question of when to splurge vs. when to save.  Here's how I see it...my three biggest things to splurge on are as follows:

1.  Shoes.   Well, that's obvious.  You obviously want to take care of your body including your feet.  So for the shoes you wear the most, go big.  You want them to feel good and last for as long as possible. 

2. Jeans.  Jeans are a tricky one as you want to find some comfortable ones that are also very flattering.  I find this harder to do as I get older.  Definitely go for a mid to high rise to keep things tucked in and classy.  A little bit of stretch helps keep them comfy as well. 

3.  Outerwear.  This is the piece that people see the most as you run about town.  (Especially this time of year!)  Your staple leather jacket, wool coat, or trench are worth investing in.  It pulls together an outfit and makes you look flawless...(even if you're tee underneath was only $10!!)

When to save:

I try to save on things like tees, tanks, and accessories.  Many tees look the same to me, whether they're $80 or $10.  Accessories are occasionally worth investing in, but sometimes you just want that trendy necklace or handbag that you know you'll only wear for a season or two...hence going for the affordable option.  For times like these, I head to places like h&m, Kohls, or even target.  You can find a cute trendy sweater for $25 that serves its purpose for the season. 

Anna DunbarComment