Running around town


I've combined some of my most recent posts to create this "running around town" look.  The low back tank, leather leggings, and white sneakers come together as an easy, comfortable, yet cute outfit for running around town.  Whether you're coming from the gym, or just want to be comfortable running errands, this is an easily achievable look.  My biggest pieces of advice to look cute while feeling great?  1. Wear makeup. Even just a little. 2. Pull your hair up and out of your face if it's looking bad post workout/sleeping 3. Grab some cute shoes, (not your workout shoes, but some street ones) and lastly, 4. Some simple jewelry.  You can stay comfortable and casual without looking frumpy.  I know you can do it!  Just remember to add these simple steps to your casual look and you'll be all set. 

Liquid leggings

Adidas superstars (Just remember this is Men's sizing, so order your size accordingly)

Stella and Dot ear climbers

Stella and Dot bridge bracelet

Handbag from H&M