The return of the one piece


The one piece swimsuit is back.  It's back, and it's better than ever.  Forget the old boring swimwear of the past.  Now, you have coverage where you want it, but you don't have to feel like an old frumpy lady all summer!  I love the new one piece suits I'm seeing this season because they have new and different cuts available.  I snagged this one because it's simple silhouette attracted me, but I also like that it has a low back and low cut sides under the arms making it still appealing and a bit sexy, (but not TOO much).  I am not one of those people who comfortably wears a tiny bikini.  Honestly, I've never really liked them.  Sometimes I think a one piece or high waisted bikini are a bit more sophisticated and fashionable.  Call me crazy, but I find the latter to be more elegant and refined somehow.  Then again, I often find I veer toward what is less's usually just appealing to me to try something different.  Of course my staple is black but you can always find colors or a fun cover-up to add a splash of color or a pattern.  This swimsuit is from American Eagle and right now is only $15! That's right, $15!!!!! Insane!  Add a red lip and some shades and you will be ready for the day!

One piece swimsuit