Inside an (attempted) fashion bloggers world


I don't know if I deserve to be called a true fashion blogger, but maybe some day I'll get there.  It's been about 10 months since I decided to launch my fashion blog, Honestly West.  I am proud of myself for stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone and attempting to make my dream a reality.  It hasn't been easy though.  It is MUCH MUCH harder than it looks.  When starting the process, many things went through my mind...

-  Will these outfits be relevant and something people will respond to?

-  Now, how do I take a photo of it?

-  Do I want to lay it flat, or gasp, actually BE in the photo?

-  Does my behind look big there?  Should I blur out that blemish?  Does my leg look weird?

-  Who am I kidding??? I'm not a model!  In fact, I don't even like taking pictures of myself!

-  Once coming to terms with the fact that I actually needed to BE in some of the photos, next came figuring out how to get the shot during the week...while Tim's at work...and no one is around except my 3 year old...enter the timer...and then running to the middle of the lawn to strike a pose like a huge idiot!

- Buying a photo box and using it to create perfect lighting for those little items like lipstick, shoes, or eyeliner.

-Posting said pictures and seeing if anyone will even read the blog, including my mom!

I've slowly realized that I just need to get over myself and not worry about what people might think of me.  I know that to be a successful blogger and to extend my love of fashion to other people I need to keep taking pictures. I need to know that it's okay to do that.  Know that I'm not perfect.  I don't have a perfect body.  Or perfect hair.  Sometimes I pose in a weird way.  I actually think it's better that way.  People need to see what's real.  What a real mom looks like.  A real woman wearing a real outfit.  Not a tiny size zero model in a magazine.  Something that will translate to real women in real life.  It's been a huge learning curve and I really appreciate those of you who have stood behind me...especially my hubby who has been nothing but supportive and helpful every step of the way!!!  I hope I at least gave you a laugh or two over the past few months.  Please stick with me!  I am determined to succeed at this!  I truly love fashion and design.  They make my heart happy.  I hope I've inspired someone else in some small way to follow their dream too, whatever that might be.  Hey, maybe one day I'll get paid for my opinions and less than perfect pictures.  That is the ultimate goal.  A girl can dream!

Outfit pictured includes my all time favorite things to wear...A simple tee, liquid leggings, and black high top converse

As always, THANK YOU for stopping by Honestly West! I hope y'all will be reading for many years to come.  XO!