Doubling up


I know I've talked about stacking necklaces and bracelets before, but I was recently talking to a friend about Dylanlex, and how much I loved it, and she suggested I just stack up a few statement necklaces to get the same look.  So...I did!  I probably need an even bigger one to stack up higher to really get the look, but it'll do for now.  Sometimes I'm just in a mood for a big silver statement piece, and this is a cool way to do it!  Man, jewelry is fun.  I love the look of stacked silver.  It's just so pretty and cool.  In the fall topped with a leather jacket, it would be simply perfect.  Grab some of your favorite statement necklaces and give it a try!

My sole society necklace is no longer available but find similar one here

Here's a similar look from forever 21 for under $25!