Boyfriends + chandeliers


Let's face it.  Summer is in full swing.  It's hot.  I'm tired.  Boyfriend jeans are so comfortable yet fun so they have been on repeat lately.  Especially if I know I am staying home or will be somewhere that is air conditioned.  When I feel myself entering that mid summer slump, I try to perk myself up with extra coffee and some great chandelier earrings.  It really does help.  I feel pulled together and pretty even though I'm dragging to make it through the day.  Hope you all are enjoying your summer, but if you are struggling like I am, grab some fun earrings or jewelry to cheer yourself up!  And coffee.  Strong coffee.  Happy Tuesday! 

*My favorite places to find fun chandeliers include Banana Republic, bauble bar, or Stella and Dot...check out some of my faves below!

Banana republic crystal drop earrings

Bauble bar drop earrings here

Stella and dot casablanca chandeliers