How to wear: monochromatic


Those of you who have followed along with me for the past year know that one of my very favorite looks is a monochromatic one.  The chicest choice in my opinion, and fairly easy to put together.  I was recently asked by a friend how I put together a monochromatic look.  With my outfits (and especially with my decorating), I pick a general family, and then give myself a little freedom within that family.  For example, say I'm wearing all black.  I try to mix the textures by wearing a lace tee with leather pants.  That way it's still interesting.  Or maybe you have a great pair of white denim....try adding a white or cream silk top, or even a crisp white button up on top. Or you could finish it off with a cream cape blazer.  Always think about textures and slightly different shades and I think that's the key.  I also always finish it off with a colorful bold lip. 

This is just my take on it.  I'm sure there are many others out there!  Also, with fall coming shortly, adding a great scarf in the same color palette can be cozy and fun!

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