Let's talk primer...


This whole primer hunt for me began a few weeks ago when I was at Nordstrom and saw this woman with the most beautiful, flawless skin I had ever seen!  I told her she looked magnificent and asked what she was using.  She replied, "Laura Mercier, plus I use a foundation primer."  I knew I wanted to achieve that same look immediately!

How many of you have been using a foundation primer or pore filler under your foundation?  I never have!!  Yesterday, I was talking to this beautiful 54 year old woman working at the makeup counter and she agreed with me that most women don't use a primer but NEED to!  I think most people, (myself included until now) assume it's a sales gimmick and that the stores selling makeup just want more money.  Let me tell you...that couldn't be further from the truth!!

I honestly feel rather silly that I haven't been including this into my regular makeup routine.  A foundation primer or pore filler is what fills in the lines and pores and makes everything look blurred and flawless.  Plus, it helps your foundation, (whether you use an expensive one or grocery store brand) stay on a lot longer and look better.  I think maybe our mother's generation just didn't have foundation primer and so that's why some of us are a bit lost when if comes to this.  It's a rather new phenomenon.  I have tried two so far...the Nyx pore filler, and the Laura Mercier radiance primer.  The Nyx works fairly well, and definitely helps your face look a little more matte and pretty.  If you really want to turn it up a notch like I do, you will splurge on the Laura Mercier radiance primer.  It is $36, but a fairly large tube and in my opinion, worth every penny! 

Ladies, if you are like me and new to this whole idea, prepare to be amazed!  Your skin will look radiant, and better than ever!