Mary Kay lash love review


Ladies, I recently tried a sample of lash love, by Mary Kay, and let me tell's pretty darn good!  I'd heard about it for the past few years and for some reason had never ventured out to find a local Mary Kay consultant to try it.  It definitely takes a bit of time to apply and needs 2 coats, (as do ALL mascara brands that I've tried) but the results are fantastic!  The best part...this mascara is only $15!  They also carry a mascara primer that I am anxious to try as well.  I'm sure it only enhances the lash love power, so stay tuned for a review on that as well. 

I've added a link to a Seattle friends Mary Kay page, but if you live in NC, just hop online to the main Mary Kay website, and if you type in your zip code, you can easily be connected with a local consultant!

Lash love mascara