Why I go for those little extras...


I feel like the past few weeks have been a little rough for everyone.  You mothers out there know what I'm talking about.  New schools, new routines, maybe you're child is off to Kindergarten for the first time.  Packing lunches, dealing with tantrums and meltdowns, tearful goodbyes, getting to school on time, working on homework, fighting those first colds, maybe you're slammed at work...it's a lot.  It's easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget that there is more to you than work, and being "mom."  

These are the days I need a little extra perk.  Whether it's putting on my favorite dress, bright lipstick, bold earrings, it somehow brightens my day.  I sometimes forget that I deserve to feel special and pretty and put together...but guess what?  I DO, and you do too!

So grab that ear cuff, spray of perfume, metallic sneakers, or whatever makes you feel a little extra special, and I promise it will help you get through these hard times.  That and an extra large cup of coffee!

Topshop dress

Gold metallic converse

Bauble bar ear cuffs