Simple yet bold


Winston and I did a fun little project this week and it was so easy!  We picked up a few artificial pumpkins and simply glued some silver glitter on them.  It really dressed up our front table which I love. 

I kind of take the same approach when decorating for the holidays/seasons as I do when picking an outfit.  Simple and not over the top.  Since we added so much glitter, I didn't go crazy with adding decor all over the house.  I added the glitter pumpkins and greenery to the front table, and the kitchen table, and that's ALL!  I feel like it's simple yet bold, and all the house really needs.   I personally am not a fan of orange, and it took me a while to sort of put my own twist on fall decor and figure out how I could still add some festive pieces but keep it tasteful.  I think this achieves my goal, and the kids are so excited, so my job is done.  

White ceramic pumpkins

Antique pumpkin with sunflowers

Silver glitter