Skin care


A few of you have asked me what skin care products I use, so I thought I'd share my current favorites.  My skin care is always evolving and changing, and I'm constantly on the hunt for something new.  With that being said, my current favorites are by the brand Fresh.  The soy face cleanser is so nice, smells like cucumbers, and leaves my face feeling....well...fresh!  I also love the Rose face mask by Fresh.  It literally smells like an english rose garden, and leaves my face feeling extremely clean and soft.  I finish it up with Cerave moisturizer which my dermatologist highly recommended to me. 

The "Fresh" brand is a little pricey though, so here are some other options that I've always been happy with.  The Clinique liquid face soap, clarifying lotion, and their exfoliating scrub are all amazing!  The Mary Kay Timewise cleanser and moisturizer are also a good option.  I feel like skin care for us women in our 30's and 40's is only becoming MORE important!  I believe it's what we do NOW that will effect how we look LATER on in life, so we better make it a priority! 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!  My daughter turns 7 on Monday, so lots of fun things planned to celebrate!!!