Two infatuations


1.  My floppy, wide brim hat.  I love it and it makes me feel like I'm dressed like one of the leading ladies in a Cary Grant movie.  I love, love, love that hats are so in right now.  They've made a strong come back and I am so excited about it.

Wide brim hat

2.  A red lip.  There's just something about a bold red lip.  I was scared to try it for YEARS, but one day for some reason I just bought some red lipstick.  After I tried it, I felt empowered somehow and very feminine and strong.  My hubby likes it too, so it's a win/win.  I've linked a few different red options for those of you new to the lipstick game... 

For you lip gloss girls out there

Red lipstick on a budget

Liquid lipstick splurge

*Floral top