Cozy winter


Every year after Christmas has come and gone, I have trouble coming to terms with the fact that eventually, I DO have to take down the Christmas tree and all of my favorite holiday decor.  I have started to come up with ways that incorporate some white twinkly fairy lights which help keep the house feeling cozy and inviting during the winter months.  I also decided this year, I'm keeping up the boxwood wreath.  After all, a green wreath can work for any time of year in my humble opinion.  So the wreath and lights on the mantle are staying. 

Next was the stairway garland...I took down the beautiful green garland I had hung this year on the banister, and I just couldn't bare to leave it so empty and sad looking.  I grabbed the burlap and lights I had just taken off the tree, and strung them up.  Add a string of lace and it's just perfect for winter.  I am happy I don't have a sad, empty looking house after the holidays this year.   It's these little things that make me happy...I highly suggest doing the same...

Boxwood wreath

Fairy lights (my new FAVORITE thing thanks to my new neighbor who was sweet enough to give me a strand!!)