Here's what I know now...

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1.  I know that life is short, and that we need to appreciate every damn second we have.  Cliche or not, it's the truth.

2.  I know that I am transparent.  I have always worn my heart on my sleeve.  I am passionate and have opinions about everything and love hard.  Sometimes this also means that I offend people.  Know that it's not intentional and that I just speak my mind.  Even if I've just met you, I'll speak my mind.  (Which is hard when you're living in the south because most people don't just dish it all right off the bat!)  I'll tell you that motherhood is hard, and that I don't feel like I fit in with most other moms my age.  That I always felt like I was supposed to do something a little different than what is considered mainstream.  I also have learned to forgive myself for my shortcomings!

3.  I know that not everyone will like you...and here's the kicker...that's OKAY!  (This is still a hard one for me some days)

4.  I know that breaking the rules makes you feel good.  I mean with fashion here.  Don't wait for a special occasion to wear your favorite dress and to feel pretty and special.  Put it on if all you have to do is go to the darn grocery store.  Rock that dress because IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD! 

5.  Anything worthwhile is hard work.  Like really, really hard work.  You can't give up though.  Ever.  If you're passionate about something, pursue it!! 

6.  Your PEOPLE will understand you.  You won't question them all the time and they won't question you.  They'll know your intentions are always pure and that you are doing your best at this crazy thing called life.

That is all.  If you made it through all 6, thanks for sticking around.  For those of you who didn't, I won't hold it against you.  More good stuff coming soon... Much love to you all!