Sparkle in her eye


Sometimes you just need a little sparkle.  Some time by the lake.  A good chat with a girlfriend.  (who just happens to be an amazing photographer as well!)  I'm sticking with my theme here of finishing off the basics to look polished.  Today is chilly, I'm still fighting a cold, I'm all I really wanted to wear were my trusty black leggings.  I decided that wasn't QUITE enough, so I grabbed my favorite hat to keep warm, a sparkly clutch, my trench, and peep toe booties...because you CAN look polished and still be comfortable.  This is my attempt to prove it to you. 

Happy Monday, all.  Hope this week is full of sweet treats, lots of love, and ZERO germs!!!

Trench coat

Peep toe booties


Hand chain

Metal matte lipstick in 'underworld'

Photo credit:  my amazing friend Tonya Braddock Gonzales