Looking polished in a pinch


Thank you all again for your awesome feedback and questions yesterday!  I am going to get to everything eventually, but today I'm talking about looking polished in a pinch. 

So it's laundry day.  Nearly everything is dirty.  You need to get the kids out the door to daycare/school stat and get on with your day, yet you are a hot mess.  This is honestly me most days so I try to make it work with these tips:

1.  Grab your 1 clean pair of pants and a tee shirt.

2.  Top it with a STRUCTERED jacket/coat.  Whether this is a leather jacket, blazer or trench, outerwear is absolutely key here.  People won't even notice what you're wearing underneath if you have a polished coat on.  It makes a huge difference.  Leave your fleece or frumpy sweatshirt at home and put on your favorite outerwear.

3.  Don't forget makeup.  When I'm pinched for time, I always at least do the following:  foundation, brow gel, mascara, lip gloss.  (Sometimes I even throw on a bold lipstick and that almost always makes me feel confident!)

4.  Last but not least...jewelry.  Even if you feel a mess, if you have makeup on, a cute jacket and some simple jewelry on, you will feel 100 times more put together!

I hope this helps all of you crazy busy women out there!  You can do it!  Don't let those crazy mornings stop you from feeling confident and beautiful.  You deserve it after all!!!

Trench coat pictured