Saving face (literally!)


My newest obsession is trying to achieve a fresh, glowing face.  For a few years, I sort of dropped the ball on skincare and exfoliating and I think it had something to do with having kids, and wanting to keep my routine as time efficient as possible.  The past few months though, I've been putting in more effort, and the results are pretty mind blowing!

I try to exfoliate my face twice a week so that the products I use afterward (moisturizer and makeup) are actually effective and go on smoothly.  Here are the things I've been using to get a fresh, dewy glow...

My charcoal cleansing bar from beauty counter.  It you haven't tried this yet, go order one now!  Or at least track down someone who sells it and demand a sample!  Seattle peeps...the link above will lead you to a local consultant!

Now to exfoliate.  My two favorites of the moment are the Clinique exfoliating scrub and Mary Kay's Timewise microdermabrasion

The finishing touch to achieve a glowing face is foundation.  I've been using the Mary Kay luminous-wear liquid foundation and I love the well...luminous finish!  It does exactly what it sets out to do, and is pretty affordable.  I think ($22) for a good foundation is pretty reasonable!