Let's get to know each other better...


1.  Height: 5'8"

2. Degree: Psychology

3. Hobbies: Dance

4. Tattoo: 1

5. What I miss: Living near the ocean, family

6. Qualities I value most: Authenticity, sense of humor

7. Favorite color: Blue

8. Favorite flower: Magnolia and peony

9. The reason I started blogging: I have always loved writing and fashion, so this seemed like the perfect creative outlet for both!

10. Fears:  Being misunderstood for who I TRULY am

11. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yes!

12. Meaning behind my blog name: West is my middle name, and I am usually brutally honest about fashion, my opinions, basically everything.  Hence Honestly West!

13. Favorite article of clothing:  I'd say my top 3 are my leather jacket, skinny jeans, and pumps

I thought this could be a fun way to get to know each other better.  Tell me some of your answers.  Do we have anything in common?  Please share and comment below!

Velvet cami (currently on sale!)

Black denim

Metallic converse

Nyx matte lipstick in pure red