Younique product reviews are in!


I am so excited to talk about makeup today.  I've reviewed 4 products today in detail, so check them out below!! 

1.  First up, touch glorious face primer.  I have blogged about face primers before and how important I think they are, but let me reiterate.  Primers are not just a gimmick or something to overlook.  For a long time, I did think this to be true, but now that I actually use one, I understand that this is not the case at all!  This 'glorious' face primer in particular is wonderful because it fills in your pores and gives you a velvety smooth finish before you even get to your foundation.  Who knew a little clear gel could do all that?  When you apply your foundation on top of a primer, it then looks more smooth and flawless.  Plus the bonus?  Your foundation will stay on longer.  I love this product and it really does make my skin look smoother.  It feels softer as well!

2.  Next up, let's talk shadow.  I tried two different colors of mineral shadow, and love them both for different reasons.  One is a gold/bronze color called 'confident' and has a little bit of a shimmer to it, and the other is a bold matte shadow in the color 'corrupted.'  I love the gold color as it is perfect for a summer beach goddess type of look.  Smear a little under the eye as well for a smokey bronze effect.  The black/grey matte shadow is also a fun color and can be used as eyeliner as well.  If I do a darker smokey eye with 'corrupted,' I'll keep the lips neutral with either a nude lipstick, or just a clear gloss.  Side note:  a little bit of this product goes a LONG way, so use sparingly.  You can always add more later if needed.

3.  Third... eye shadow application with a shadow brush.  I generally don't use a loose shadow or apply it with a shadow brush, but this combo is actually SUPER easy to use!  I found myself sweeping it on with the brush and blending it in nicely even when I was in a hurry to get out the door!  It blends easily with this brush and looks really pretty!  I usually use my finger, or one of those tiny sponge tips to apply my shadow, and it takes me a million years to blend it and get it how I want it to look.  So this was definitely a nice change.

4.  Lastly, eyeliner.  Finding the perfect eyeliner has been hard for me.  Most of the time, I feel like the pencil is too thick, and if it's too thick and wide, then it looks bad on your eye.  This is another topic I often talk about, and I feel so strongly that so many women are doing it wrong, (including myself in the past!)  By merely trying to look BETTER with a thick line, we are unintentionally making ourselves look WORSE!  Stick to a very thin pencil like this precision liner, and only do the top of your eye.  If you have a thicker pencil, ONLY DO THE WATERLINE! 

Seriously, if there is one thing anyone takes from all of my blog posts, this is the one I want to impress upon people!  You will look beautiful and confident, and people will notice and compliment you!  Another tip for shadow/liner that I love and often use...if you love the look of liner on the bottom, just use your shadow and smudge a little under your bottom lash instead of a harsh eyeliner.  It still makes your eye look smokey and beautiful but is softer looking and won't completely close your eye off like a big fat line of black liner under your eye!

In the pictures above, I am wearing Younique glorious face primer,  Younique mineral shadow in the color confident, and the Younique precision pencil eyeliner.  All products are linked above.

Linen tank top from H&M


-Thank you to Younique presenter Melanie Scoffield for collaborating for this post-