My top 3 beauty secrets


I suppose these aren't really secrets per se since I talk about them all the time, but these are my TOP 3 favorite beauty tips...

1.  Contouring.  I currently use the Smashbox contour kit to contour my cheeks, nose, a little on the top of the forehead, and jaw line.  This is a game changer.  It helps to define your face in a way that just plain foundation or a bit of bronzer just can't do.

2.  Thick, filled in brows.  I am SO glad that thick brows are the current trend.  I don't think anyone looks good with pencil thin brows (including me!)  I use the Nyx brow mascara.

3.  Neutral nails.  I absolutely love an understated polish.  Whites, nudes, tans, pale pinks...they just SCREAM chic sophistication to me rather than a crazy bright color.  Less is more, I always say.  My favorite polish colors are Orly kiss the bride, Opi alpine snow, and Opi pale to the chief.

Photos:  Tiffany Redmon