My lipstick collection


I love lipstick.  I've been trying different shades and brands over the past few years, and there are so many choices that it can get overwhelming.  Lipstick is so individual...what some people love, other people hate.  Some like their lipstick glossy, others like a matte finish.  Many women are so overwhelmed that they forego it all together!

Here's a quick break down of what I've tried, what I love the most...

1.  Nyx matte lipstick.  I LOVE a matte lipstick.  I think the color looks more vibrant, and I like a velvety finish.  Nyx is one of my tops picks for two reasons.  One, because it's extremely affordable (only $5.99), and two, the lipstick has some serious staying power.  I don't usually have to touch it up at all in a 12 hour period.  Need I say more? 

2.  Gerard cosmetics matte lipstick.  This lipstick is a bit more pricey at $20 a tube, so I only have a few of their colors.  I will say this though, it stays on your lips all day like the Nyx, but it WON'T transfer to your cup, fork, babies cheeks! Keep an eye out for when they have a sale if you're on a tight budget.

3.  Mary Kay lip gloss.  I love this gloss and it comes in a million color choices.  Only down side?  You will have to reapply it several times a day, especially after you eat.  If you don't mind a touch up every now and then though, this one might be for you.  Also, it's affordable!

4.  Lipsense.  How many of you have tried the Lipsense lipstick and gloss combo?  This is a bit of an investment, as you have to buy the color AND the gloss to top it, but if you like your lipstick to stay put all day and you like to mix and match colors and sheens, this one might be for you.  Lipsense is also the best I've tried if you're concerned with staying power and not transferring to everything your lips touch.  (Again, good for mommies out there!)

I hope this helps some of you who are overwhelmed with lipstick choices.  I really do feel like it completes your look and that every woman should at least try it!  Have a great week everyone!