Let's talk swimwear


Lets face it...finding a good swimsuit can be VERY hard!  It's like finding that perfect pair of jeans (which I'm still hunting for!!!)  Here's my take on it.  Less is usually more.  Simple colors are better.  I know there are a ton of printed suits out there, and I own a few as well, but honestly, most people look terrible in them, myself included.  Stick with chic, basic colors and silhouettes.  You can always add a fun beach bag, cool shades, or cute hair. 

This is my favorite swimsuit of the moment.  It's sleek, simple, shows just a little bit without showing too much, doesn't look like a frumpy "mom" suit, and comes in 6 colors!  Any body size can wear this suit and it just looks good!  I love the low back and slightly low sides for something different.  Also, it's on sale right now for under $32!

I stumbled upon this suit last year....I can't remember what I was even DOING in American Eagle, but I saw it, fell in love, and it's still my favorite suit.  It must have done well because this year it's back, and they've added even more color options!