Flower shimmer/strobe palette review


I have always loved Drew Barrymore, so when she came out with the makeup line "Flower" I was excited/curious to try it!  I have always thought she had great style, so figured I'd probably like what she had put out!  The line is ONLY sold at Walmart, (I don't regularly shop there) hence I hadn't had a chance to pick up any of the flower line.  Luckily a friend of mine had bought the shimmer/strobe palette so I got to try hers out before purchasing it for myself. 

The colors in this set are beautiful and I really love all 3!  It includes a champagne color, more of a pinky tone, and a gold tone, so I think it can accommodate everyone's needs.  I really love the way it pops on your cheeks and have been really happy with it so far!  The only negatives are the cheap packaging isn't that great, and the brush it comes with is not ideal.  Forego the brush in the set and find a smaller one to gently apply to your cheeks/bridge of your nose.  You can always add more, but I suggest starting with just a little as it has a lot of pigment to it! 

At only $12.98, this product is doable for a lot of people, which I love!!  If you're on a tight budget but LOVE highlighter like I do, definitely give this one a try! 

Flower shimmer & strobe highlighting palette