On the hunt for the PERFECT denim...


Ladies (and gentlemen), I am on the hunt for the PERFECT new pair of denim. Does this elusive thing even exist?

I have searched and searched for the perfect pair of jeans for literally my entire life.  Just when I think I've found the perfect pair... they rip, or are uncomfortable, or are unflattering, or too much money, you get the idea...

Here is my wish list for the perfect jeans:

1.  High rise

2.  Slightly loose fitting, but not TOO loose

3.  Some distressing (duh)

4.  The perfect blue hue

5.  A little bit of stretch in the material

6.  A reasonable price tag


What are you guys wearing?  What do you love?  I will not stop until I find "the one"  and I need your help!!! 

(Side note:  I miss my blonde hair.  It'll probably make a come back very soon.)

Photo:  Tiffany Redmon Photography